5 Creative Teenage Birthday Party Games For Teen Girls

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5 teenage birthday party games that are sure to make your next teen party a blast. These ideas are designed for tweens and teens who want more age specific games than the typical pin the tail on the donkey!
1) Secret Wishes (for a slumber party): Have enough flashlights for each of the guests to have one. Before the party cut out paper stars and put each guests name on one. Hide each one in your backyard (or back porch). At midnight have all of the guests go outside into the backyard with their flashlights. Tell them that you are having a scavenger hunt and that each of them should look for a star that has their name on it. Once they find the star they will get to make a “secret wish” that is sure to come true.
2) Secret Wishes (continued): The activity can be done just as above or you can add on to it by having them write their secret wish on the back of their star. After the secret wishes scavenger hunt have all of the guests come back inside and give the stars to the birthday girl or guy. They then have a guessing game where each guest tries to guess the wish of another guest. The guest of honor is a “referee” who can read everyone’s wishes on their stars so no cheating allowed! Anyone who guesses another persons secret wish wins a prize.
3) Kiss the Cutie: Hang up two posters on the wall. Have one be a popular actor or musician who your daughter likes and one be someone she thinks is “totally uncool”. Hang both posters right next to one another. Then have all of the girls put a heavy coat of lipstick on their lips. Blindfold the first girl, spin her around and have her try to “kiss the cutie”. This is like pin the tail on the donkey but with a twist! The girls will have fun laughing about who accidentally kisses the wrong poster. Give the girl who kisses the cutie closest to his lips a prize.
4) Mall Scavenger Hunt: Depending on your daughters age have a scavenger hunt where they have to get x amount of items. As an example if it’s her 12th birthday, everything will relate to 12, and there will be twelve items to find. Examples are 12 different napkins from the food court, 12 photos of cool shirts (if they’re armed with cellphones to take pictures), etc. You can theme this out so none of the items cost any money at all, or you can have some of them cost money but relate to the party later. For example, 12 different colored bottles of nail polish from the dollar store could be one item. Then later they could all take turns painting all 12 colors onto their finger nails and toe nails.
5) Fashion Designs: Before the party get scrap fabrics from a fabric store discount bin, old second hand thrift store items in funny fabrics, embellishments like buttons, lace, ribbon and frills, scissors, a few hot glue guns or needle and thread. Have the girls break up into teams of two or three and have them “design” a clothing item for the birthday girl. Once everyone has designed the item your daughter must try on every item and “walk the runway”. Make sure to take lots of photos!
These 5 teenage birthday party games and activities are just a way to get you started. There are countless activities you can plan that are age appropriate and will have the girls saying “totally cool mom” instead of “that was lame”.

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